Etusivu Perustietoja Palvelut Tapahtumat Kyläseura

Putkilahti is surrounded by high mountains and narrow bays of lake Päijänne. We know that there have been people staying in Putkilahti already during the Stone Age, because several findings dating from that era have been made here. Nowadays the most people are living by the lake, because the fields have been easy to cultivate there and the water in Päijänne is still clean.
Finnish Department of the Environment has chosen Putkilahti as one of the valuable landscapes in Finland.


There are about 250 people living in Putkilahti. During the summer they are three times more, when people come to their summer cottages during their holidays.
We village people have developed our environment in many different ways. We want to conserve our highly regarded landscape for the coming generations. We have renovated our hundred-year-old school building to a meeting place for all the villagers.

Come along and join our activities!
PUTKILAHDEN KYLÄSEURA (Putkilahti village society)
Translated by R. Hakanen